What Is Admob How to Earn Money From Admob Right Explanation


today I’m gonna give a brief explanation about Admob That What Is Admob And How You make money From it remember before you start anything first you have to know about it cause if you know then you will have the knowledge and you can easily start working on it and you get response soon so always first research then do let’s begin

What Is Admob How to Earn Money From Admob

What Is Admob 

Basically, Admob Is a Mobile Advertising platform that is made by Google so google is developed Admob For Mobile Application Developer In which Developer Place Ads and Get Reward By Google Admob You can monetize your iOS Application and Android Application

 How To Monetise To Your Application

For this you need to create google Admob Account for Admob You must have An Google account so that you can sign up for admob and it will take few hours to approve your Admob Account so once your Admob is approved then you will have an option in admob to add your app after it you need to create an ad units so copy ads code and place these ads codes into your iOs of Android Application so you will start seeing ads on your application and then your application is monetized 

How You Can Make Money from Admob 

Making money from Google Admob is easy all you need to that develop an Android or iOS Application if you can’t develop Your Own Application you hire a developer so once you have a mobile then you have to monetize that Application from Google admob in which Admob will start showing Advertise and you start making money by the Application

Publishing to Application   

So if you have made an Android or iOs Application  and you didn’t publish it to anywhere honestly then this Application will not give you any benefit so if you made android Application you have to publish your application   on Google play store so that people can install your Application And you will start getting benefits and also for iOS Application store is also available you can publish it on Application Application  store then users will download your Application and once any user clicks on advertising you get Rewards 

Should You Promote Application or Not?

Once you published to your Application  on play store and if you not getting downloads and if your Application is useful in this case you have to spend some money to promote your Application to reach your targeted users for that you can use Google ads to promote and show your Application to world so if you can afford then you promote your Application by Google ads cause this is the best method to Reach more Users Quickly so that you get benefits quickly If you can’t afford you can share Application on Facebook twitter and if you have good followers on Facebook or Twitter then you get downloads 

So now you know that What Is Admob and I have also shared information that how you can make money from AdMob this is a brief explanation about Admob this article will help you to monetize your application also all the information I have mentioned above step by step so that’s it for now if have you any questions you can ask me by comments make sure share this article see you in the next one have a good day 

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