How To Rank Videos on YouTube Or Google With These Best ways


In this article, I will guide you that you can rank videos YouTube and on Google and everything you will learn about ranking videos  read the full article and follow the methods which I will share in this Post So that you can rank Your video On YouTube And Also Your video will rank On Google so Once Your Video Rank Then You get bundle of Views on Your Videos so let’s begin 

How To Rank Videos on YouTube Or Google With These Best ways

Rank Videos On YouTube But Why Not Rank?

So now every video Creator want that their video comes in the first page means in the top but some people’s can’t rank videos and why they can not rank the main reason keyword research some creators not do keyword research  so, first of all, you have to do keywords research always target low competition keyword do keyword research properly and bring something and unique 

Videos Title 

The title is the main thing of your videos so if you found a keyword try to use your keyword in title from the beginning it means in the title first you should use your focus keyword your title should be started from your focus keyword then you can use helping words According To your Main Keyword so that your title will be called is an SEO title so this thing you have to do properly because this the part of video SEO for ranking On YouTube Or Google 

Video Description 

In this Description, you should describe about your Video but must use your focus keyword Three Or four Times write description properly so in the description you can use helping but your description should start from your focus keyword so that your description also will be an SEO description and will help for ranking videos your description not should be long or and also should not be too small write description user-friendly so that viewers can get point from your description  

Unique Videos  

As we know that there is a big value of Unique Contents Try to create new and unique videos there is a lot of viewers looking for New videos so if you bring something new and unique people not only watch your videos they watch and share your videos so if they share. your videos And Then Your Videos will show in The Recommended and you will get ranking To your videos and remember never Upload Copyright Videos

if you copy. Someone else content then you get too much disadvantage You will lose your ranking and also your YouTube channel will be terminated so this thing you should not do and never think about this do create your own videos and follow these methods your videos will be Rank 

Videos Uploading Rules 

If you want to make brand to your YouTube channel then you have to make a schedule for uploading videos if you can upload daily videos it’s very good but if you can upload video in a week it’s good but you have to upload your video every weak and make a time to publish your videos for Example If you Upload Video on Friday then u have to upload your second video next Friday doing this so that your viewers Know Exact date of your Video then they will watch it and this is also good it called brand channel 

So that’s how you can rank your videos on YouTube or google if you follow these methods your video start ranking on YouTube and on Google So that’s it for now if you have any questions leave a comment make sure share this Post let your friends or cousins know to about this method 

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