Best Tips for New Bloggers to Increase Traffic


In this article, you will learn to increase your website, Traffic even if you’re a new blogger or started to New website I’m gonna teach you awesome! tips and tricks by this post which will help you to grow your audience before we start to make sure you have to follow the steps always learn something and do it immediately and never give up do work hard but with smart ways so let’s begin to the Main Point 

Best Tips for New Blogger to Increase Traffic

Keyword Research For New Bloggers 

Some new bloggers never do keyword research they work on high competition keyword so how they rank now you think on these keywords the popular bloggers are already working on then if you’re a new blogger and your website authority is low then how you rank you never rank if you work on high competition keywords so always first do research properly, find low competition keyword and work on it properly you start ranking in a few days 

Niche selecting 

You know why I mentioned niche cause when new blogger start a website then why just select any niche but according to me that’s wrong cause always select a niche in which you have knowledge about that niche and you must interest in that niche so that you can easily write articles on that niche so you have to select niche according to your knowledge cause if you did not do this then you can not write article on that niche and if you copy articles from someone else you will never rank and your ranking will be down so this very important to select your knowledge related Niche

Content for New Bloggers 

If you are a new blogger who can not write long articles, nothing to worry about writing an article of 400 to 500 words so write your own article never copy articles from others even don’t buy articles if you write your own article then your website will rank and also In a few weeks your writing, will be improved and You will write long articles and people who are looking for articles for their website they will buy articles from you writing your own articles is not only improving your skills but this will also give too many benefits to your website this is important point for new bloggers which they have to follow 

Mobile-Friendly Website 

There are millions of peoples who visit a website on mobile so if your website is not Mobile-friendly then you can not get traffic to cause your website can not load properly in mobile so install the mobile-friendly theme and design it properly now how you can check your website that it is mobile-friendly or not so for this you can check your website in Google webmaster to know that your website is mobile-friendly or not this method you have to follow cause it’s very important to make your website mobile-friendly

So these are the best methods for new bloggers which they have to follow and try them on their website these are the important methods for a blogger who started a new website if you have any questions related this you can ask in the comments make sure share this articles see you in the next informative article like this have a good day

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