Fuchsia Operating System Explained


In this post, we will discuss google New  fuchsia operating system which is going to release soon everything I try to explain about this operating system features and main things of this operating system And More  so let’s begin 

Fuchsia Operating System 

Fuchsia Operating System Explained

Fuchsia Operating System can beat to android now you may think that who made this Fuchsia Operating System and how it going to beat the android but this Operating System also making by google not by other company now you will think that android is popular in the world and everyone wants android smartphone now the question is that why google is going create another Os Which called Fuchsia Operating System  

Why Google Creating Fuchsia Operating System 

Google has been working on this Operating System since August 2016 google has also launched the official website of Fuchsia Operating System and you must know that Google is creating this this Operating System for future what is the biggest feature in this Operating System and these features android could not support cause there some basic issue in android and google has been trying to fixing them there too many bugs in android which google fixing to these bugs and another big issue of android is that now see android version there is a lot of users still using old android

version cause if google has to send update then first will send update to company’s who are using android and then company will send that update to their users but in this case sometimes Companies, not updates to users so that’s the reason we will still seeing android 4 version mobiles in markets cause google had provided latest updates but Companies are not sending it to users google also provided android One but not used too much time so cause of these things google is now going on Fuchsia Operating System Side 

Another Biggest bug In android 

Fuchsia Operating System Explained

And that is android basic issue cause android has created by Linux and Linux is an old karnal actually android was making for digital cameras but then used it for smartphones by this we got too many features in android but the optimization of android was going to down day by day according to the generation that’s the reason if we get 6 gigabyte of ram in android device then in few days it gives to many hanging issues so for this now google has creating oneself to Fuchsia Operating System google has making too  much changes in this Operating System which completely suitable for future 

Fuchsia Operating System Technology

And that’s 5G and internet of things now the best thing is that as our home devices also will connect by internet And these all Type  smart devices can be Operate in Fuchsia Operating System and you can operate them with the fastest way everything you will control by your mobile so these all are issues going to fix in google new Fuchsia Operating System there thousand of features we will get in this google new Operating System 

So I hope this article gives you a piece of knowledge about google new Fuchsia Operating System which making for future tell us your feedback about this Operating System and leave a comment if You have any question make sure share this post to let the world to know About Google New Amazing Operating System