How You Can Get AdSense approval And What is Google AdSense


Today we ‘ll tell you about AdSense that what is google AdSense how you can get AdSense approval and approval is easy but there is rules and regulation of AdSense which we must follow so in this post I will guide you and give you information about this

AdSense approval

What is Google AdSense how to make AdSense account 

AdSense is one of the most popular products of google, Adsense advertiser give advertisement and then they give shares to publishers means money by this you must know that that we can make money by the Website or youtube  using Google AdSense and how to make AdSense account for this you should have a Gmail account once your website is ready simply search AdSense in google and sign up by using your website URL and fill the details

How To Get Adsense Approval On Your Website 

Approving website. from Google Adsense is easy but your website must follow Adsense policy, first of all, you must know that you should publish 15 articles but articles must be unique and also follow google AdSense contents policy and second thing is that your website has a responsive theme and mobile-friendly so that your website will. load fast also in mobile 

Pages And Main Menu 

How You Can Get AdSense approval And What is Google AdSense

If you don’t about pages that which pages are important for AdSense approval i Show You here you must have these pages like Privacy Policy disclaimer About us contact us Terms and Conditions talk about the main menus, in the main menu sections you must put the category at least 4 to 6 categories 

Theme and Design 

How You Can Get AdSense approval And What is Google AdSense

You don’t need to make a website like a professional just keep a simple design and install the mobile user-friendly theme and customize it a little bit. So that users can easily visit your website and ready your contents 

Webmaster and sitemap 

So you have to know that for approval your pages must be indexed in Google for this you need to add your website in Google search console and submit and then submit your sitemap in search console if you don’t to do it you can watch tutorials on youtube so that you can easily set up. These settings 

Rules of Google AdSense 

Google Adsense allows one account per person and the other thing is that. The number you will use in Adsense makes sure that it is not used before. always give your original information in Adsense same but make sure your information and name must be matched with your national identity card so that Google Adsense will send you a pin verification code to your address which you have given in AdSense 

How to apply for adsense 

So that’s how you can get adsense approval and I also explain to you about adsense these are the method methods if you follow these steps so you can get easy approval from Google adsense note these things. Your contents must follow adsense policies for this click here to read Google Adsense

content policy so once You complete these all steps then you need to directly apply your website in Google adsense once you click on submit button Google adsense will give you a code copy that code and do to your website edit theme in HTML paste that code between head to body and then click to save it and then submit your application for review this will take 7 to 10 business days 

So guys, every single tips I have shared with you in this article if have any questions about this let me know in the comments share us your feedback make sure share this article with your friends and family members to let them know about this